Digital Ecosystem Authority Contributors

Digital Ecosystem Authority Contributors

Digital Ecosystem Authority brings together the best minds from tech, government, research, and academia to shape the future of cybersecurity policy and to offer best practice solutions when responding to cyber threats.


Chris Olson, CEO, The Media Trust



Peter Suciu, Tech Influencer



Martial Michel, Chief Scientific Officer, Data Machines Corp.



Adi Gaskell, Innovation thinker, writer and consultant



Richard Roppa-Roberts, Co-Host of The QBO Show



Bob Violino, Technology and Business Innovation Influencer



David Forscey, Managing Director for the Cyber & Technology, The Aspen Institute



Bonnie Niederstrasser, Director of Policy and Programs, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)



Chris Versace, CIO, Tematica Research



Michael Vizard, Blogger/Podcaster, Tech Influencer



Mike Bittner, Technical Product Manager, Security Operations, The Media Trust



Pat Ciavolella, Digital Security & Operations Director, The Media Trust



Matt O'Neill, Media Technology Consultant



Cory Schnurr, Head of Marketplace Innovation, The Media Trust



Niles Rowland, Product Manager, The Media Trust



Rob Beeler