Harry Regan

Founder and Principal of SixtyBit Consulting, specializing the ever-evolving state on technology and threat mitigation

Harry Regan has close to 40 years experience in technology, security and privacy and has participated with over a dozen new technology companies. Harry’s career began with a role in Operations Analysis and Industrial Engineering working with telecom traffic routing, chemical process control, rail operations and analyses of oil and gas operations. That experience fostered an interest in mathematical modeling and simulation studies, and provided an opportunity to perform aircraft and missile logistic analyses, and war game simulation for the Department of Defense. Working with several employers in this environment led Harry to an introduction to both physical and cyber security.

Harry worked for a variety of engineering and consulting firms fine tuning his perspectives on both the discipline of security as well as embracing emerging technologies for in mission critical applications. In the mid 1990s, Harry joined NASDAQ as Director of Information Security Technology which became the basis of his view and model of an operations-centric approach to integrating technological, business and human factors into security and privacy.

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