Chris Olson

Co-Founder and CEO The Media Trust

Chris Olson founded The Media Trust with a goal of transforming the internet experience by creating better digital ecosystems to govern assets, connect partners, and enable digital risk management.

As CEO, Olson drives the company’s vision, direction, and growth plans. He has more than 15 years of experience leading high tech and ad technology start-ups and managing international software development, product and sales teams. Under his leadership, the company invented the first digital data compliance and malware scanning technologies, including digital media verification, ad tag malware scanning, smart phone malware scanning, COPPA monitoring and compliance, and the digital malware taxonomy.

He is a trusted source for cybersecurity counsel; he regularly advises and works alongside leaders at federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to know, track, gather evidence, and prosecute cybercrime. His thought leadership in cybersecurity policy, third-party risk, and data privacy regulation is regularly sought out by leaders in Fortune 500 companies as well as industry think tanks, and the media.

Olson has built a platform ( that acts as an independent voice to educate and expose the spread of disinformation, malware, and hacking throughout the digital ecosystem. Some of the best minds from tech, government, research, and academia have been brought together to shape the future of cybersecurity policy and to offer best practice solutions when responding to cyber threats.

Prior to The Media Trust, Olson created an Internet-based transaction system to research, buy and sell media for TV, radio, cable, and online channels.  At age 22, a Vice President at Salomon Brothers, he oversaw the operations and helped develop the first Electronic Trading desk on Wall Street; which paved the way to how all trading is handled globally today.

Olson currently serves on the board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Advertising Technology Council. He regularly speaks about cybersecurity trends and best practices at industry events, including events hosted by the Financial, Media, and Retail & Commercial ISACs, Wilson Cyber Security Group, and The Aspen Institute. He earned his B.S. degree in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University and Executive MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the NYU Stern School of Business.

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