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We are still in our infancy when it comes to cyber. Creating a unique and enjoyable experience on the web is important to consumers, businesses, and our government alike … but at what cost?

Everyday millions of Americans are targeted by cybercriminals and surrogates of foreign powers through digital source code, content, and advertising. These micro-threats, oftentimes missed, have a devastating impact on consumers and our national economy as well as lay the groundwork for large-scale nation-state attacks.

Industry Insights

Challenging ad tech

Cybersecurity Policy

Insights into the impact of Executive Order (EO) 13873 and how it applies to foreign third-party code.

Misinformation and Election Meddling 

Digital media infiltration by unknown third-party vendors is fueling misinformation and election meddling.

Data Privacy Regulation

Most discussions about GDPR & CCPA address interpretations and effects without providing clear, tactical guidance on what organizations should do to meet its requirements.

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Short-term profit at the expense of human rights, democracy and public safety is not ethical.

Chris Olson